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Choosing to get a rhinoplasty treatment is a significant step in achieving your desired appearance. Dr. William Portuese, a leading Asian rhinoplasty surgeon in Seattle, is committed to giving you the nose you deserve.

Nose Procedures

Asian Rhinoplasty

The Consultation

Rhinoplasty is one of the most difficult plastic surgery operations for doctors to do. This distinctive three-dimensional facial feature serves an important role that must be safeguarded during surgery. Dr William Portuese expertly aligns the nose with the rest of the face, typically enhancing both function and beauty. Dr. Portuese is also a pioneer in a number of various sorts of Asian plastic surgery techniques.

Why Asian Rhinoplasty?

There are a variety of reasons to undergo rhinoplasty, ranging from merely aesthetic concerns to the correction of deviated septums or other airway-related issues. Patients have been ecstatic to discover that their surgery has also resolved a breathing problem that they were previously unaware of. It is not rare for individuals to successfully adapt for nasal passage limits, according to Dr. Portuese, especially if these challenges have been present from childhood.


Additional complications in Asian rhinoplasty are mainly related to providing more projection while refining the tip of the nose. The delicate Asian shape necessitates a subtle and less forceful approach to nose sculpting. Dr. Portuese’s Seattle practice sees a lot of Asian patients who want rhinoplasty to repair some undesirable traits but don’t want a “cookie cutter” nose that detracts from their ethnicity.

Common Asian Rhinoplasty Procedures

Our patients frequently make the following requests: Nasal bridge that is thinner – Increasing the size of the dorsum of the nose – Increasing the nose’s projection – Changing the tip of the nose to a more attractive shape – Changing the shape of the nostrils form. The lack of a nasal dorsum and a weak cartilaginous framework, along with thick skin and a soft-tissue envelope, make Asian rhinoplasty one of the most difficult ethnic rhinoplasty treatments for facial cosmetic surgeons.

Female Cosmetic Rhinoplasty – Revision

Dr. Portuese will collaborate with you to get a look that makes you feel beautiful, at ease, and that complements your facial shape naturally. Patients frequently choose to have a chin implant performed in conjunction with their Asian rhinoplasty treatment, allowing them to improve their entire appearance and profile. Many patients will also have Asian eyelid surgery shortly after their surgeries.


Who is a Candidate For Asian Rhinoplasty?

Asian rhinoplasty candidates seek a minor improvement in the form of their nose without jeopardizing their ethnic identity. Asian rhinoplasty is ideal for people who want to change the width of their nose or nostrils, as well as improve the nasal tip or bridge. If you’re considering an Asian rhinoplasty, you should choose a minimalist approach that restores balance and harmony without making any distracting or abrupt modifications. In addition, candidates should:You should be in good physical and mental health.Have realistic expectations and ambitions. You must be a nonsmoker or willing to give up smoking for six weeks prior to and after surgery.

Most Common Request

The desire for a less bulbous or protruding nasal tip is one of the most common demands in the field of Asian rhinoplasty. In the past, significant over-resection of the lower lateral cartilages was required to produce a redefined nasal tip. Loss of projection, a downturned, bulbous nasal tip with possible long-term contour abnormalities, loss of support, and nasal blockage are all common symptoms. Dr. Portuese avoids extensive cartilage removal since it may cause damage, necessitating revision rhinoplasty surgery in the future. Dr. Portuese thinks that little is more, and that these structural procedures reduce the likelihood of rhinoplasty revision surgery while still obtaining your desired look. His significant understanding of this field distinguishes him as one of the best rhinoplasty surgeons in Seattle.


Dr. Portuese’s patients, whether Asian, Persian, or Caucasian, report that recovery is far easier than they expected. This is due to his surgical method, which focuses on making the essential alterations with the least amount of tissue manipulation as feasible. During visits to his Seattle office, every step of surgery and recovery is evaluated and addressed. Patients will have no surprises after surgery because they will have been properly informed and prepared for all elements of recovery. It is critical to follow instructions both before and after surgery in order to achieve the best potential result. It is easier to recover following rhinoplasty if everyday duties such as grocery shopping, filling prescriptions, child care, and paying bills are completed prior to surgery. It is recommended that patients sleep somewhat elevated for the first several weeks, that they do no lifting or exercise other than walking, and that they do not bend down.
These precautions enhance the healing process by keeping blood pressure constant.

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