Cosmetic and Functional

Nose Procedures

Dr. Portuese is an expert in both cosmetic and functional surgery of the nose. As a facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Portuese combines his unique surgical approach and his strong artistic sensibilities to enhance the nose in a way that looks, feels and functions naturally.

Nose Procedures

Performed by Dr. William Portuese Include:

A Rhinoplasty, or ‘nose job,’ is a facial plastic surgery procedure to alter and change the shape of the nose (nose surgery) and enhance facial features. It is the most common procedure performed in our facial cosmetic surgery practice. The goal of Rhinoplasty or a nose job by our facial plastic surgeon is to give patients a very natural appearance with all of the components of the nose and face balanced with each other, and the entire new nose balanced with the patient’s facial features. There are many undesirable features of the nose that can be changed with surgery. If a nose is too wide, it can be narrowed, a dorsal hump can be removed, a wide and boxy nasal tip can be refined , and a crooked nose – which may have been broken – can be narrowed. If there Is a functional breathing issue, it can also be addressed at the same time as a cosmetic Rhinoplasty procedure.

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