Facial Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

The Seattle Cosmetic Surgery Center employs surgical techniques that have been shown to produce the most natural results. Dr. William Portuese and Dr. Joseph Shvidler are renowned figures in the field of facial cosmetic surgery. Their extensive expertise and commitment to achieving natural-looking results have garnered them a stellar reputation among patients and peers alike. Dr. Portuese’s dedication to refining surgical techniques and Dr. Shvidler’s meticulous approach to facial anatomy have jointly contributed to their shared vision of enhancing aesthetic appeal while preserving individual uniqueness. Both surgeons have contributed immensely to advancing the art and science of facial cosmetic surgery, ensuring that patients achieve the best possible outcomes.

Dr William Portuese and Dr Joseph Shvidler are leading board certified facial plastic surgeons in Seattle and Portland Oregon. Offering best natural nose job and plastic surgery in Seattle, King County, Puget Sound, Pacific Northwest and the state of Washington.

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