Facial Plastic Surgery Questions and Answers: Part 6

Question: What’s the best technique for Asian Rhinoplasty DCF, DCGG or Diced Cartilage Injections?
Answer: The techniques that you’re asking about can leave irregularities along the bridgeline. Best to use Flowers nasal dorsal implant which is made of silastic.

Question: How much can my nose be de-projected?
Answer: Your side profile photographs demonstrate an overly projecting nose and an under projecting Chin. The under projection of your chin makes your nose look bigger than it really is. A closed rhinoplasty approach can accomplish shaving down the dorsal hump, lifting your tip slightly, refining the nasal tip cartilages and narrowing the bridge line with all incisions placed on the inside of the nose. No external incisions are required, no painful packing is required either. Your entire nose can be made smaller and be de-projected about 3 to 4 mm at the most. It’s important to remember that the nose is a three-dimensional structure, and surgery is performed in three dimensions. Strongly consider placement of a small chin implant to augment your chin forward for better facial balance and proportions, especially with respect to the projection of your nose. Your chin can be projected further outwards than your nose can be de-projected. Digital computer imaging of your nose and chin would be helpful in the consultation process to understand what you might look like. Rhinoplasty is the most difficult procedure to perform correctly in the entire field of cosmetic surgery, should choose your plastic surgeon very wisely based on extensive experience producing natural results. 

Question: Would I benefit from a sliding genioplasty or chin implant?
Answer: A sliding and genioplasty is performed by an oral surgeon under general anesthesia in a hospital setting with an overnight stay, and is much more invasive. Placement of the chin implant is done under local anesthesia which takes approximately 30 minutes in the office setting. if your teeth are significantly out of alignment, then consider the sliding genioplasty. If you’re just looking for cosmetic improvement, then do a chin implant.

Question: 19 years post rhinoplasty – would a revision help with dropping columella / bulbous tip? Can this also improve my smile?
Answer: A full set of facial photographs from all angles are going to be required to make a determination about how best to proceed, since revision rhinoplasty is more difficult than a primary rhinoplasty. If you have a hanging columella, that can be Addressed with skin and cartilage removal in that area through a closed revision rhinoplasty approach. If you have a droopy tip, then releasing the depressor septi ligament would be helpful to prevent your nose from dripping dynamically when you smile. Don’t expect your smile itself to change. Thick skin in the tip of the nose prevents refinement in the bulbous nasal tip, so it’s important to have realistic expectations.

Question: Why do some doctors do laser treatment with lower facelifts & others don’t, and does profhilo impact the surgery?
Answer: The goal of a lower face and neck lift based on your photographs it Is to tighten the jowls, tighten the platysma neck muscle cords, and tighten loose facial skin. Your Upper lip wrinkles can be smooth out with either a laser or dermabrasion. Dermabrasion tends to give less hypopigmentation. The lines on your forehead best be treated with Botox. 

Question: Timing of lower face lift (deep plane) – is it too close to Christmas & when can I be in the sun?
Answer: Anticipate two weeks of visible bruising and swelling after a lower face and neck lift procedure. We also ask patients refrain from exercising for two weeks after the procedure, And it’s best that you and your surgeon are both in town for two weeks for follow-up appointments. Getting out in the sun is okay, just limit your exposure and put sun screen on and a hat. Choose your surgeon wisely based on extensive experience producing natural results. Study you’re prospective surgeon’s before and after facelift photo Gallery and make sure that it is extensive with results that you like.

Question: Revision rhinoplasty for nostrils, notching & nose tip?
Answer: Much more information is needed, such as a full set of facial photographs from all angles, since the nose is a three-dimensional structure. You also Have thick skin in the tip of the nose which is going to prevent refinement in that area. Revision rhinoplasty is more difficult than of primary rhinoplasty, so it’s imperative to have realistic expectations. There is no perfect nose, just improvements A copy of the operative report would also be helpful to understand what maneuvers were performed in the first surgery. 

Question: What type of procedure would benefit me with my nose shape?
Answer: A full set of pictures from all angles would be more helpful, since the nose is a three-dimensional structure. From the one limited photograph, osteotomy’s would be required to narrow your bony bridge line, nasal tip surgery is required to narrow the nasal tip cartilages, and an alar-plasty is required to narrow wide nostrils.

Question: How to improve my profile view, chin and jawline?
Answer: Liposuction can accomplish removal of fat deposits above the muscle, while a surgical neck lift is required to remove the fat deposits below the platysma muscle in the neck. A platysma-Plasty is also performed as a component of the neck lift Chin implants are placed for patients when they have a recessive chin profile. Both procedures can be performed simultaneously. For best results, make sure that you’re BMI is less than 32 before undergoing elective cosmetic surgery in your neck.

Question: Can a chin implant give me a more feminine chin? 
Answer: Chin implants simply augment a recessive and weak chin when your mandible has not grown far enough forward. Chin implants augment mostly in the forward direction, but also give improved width, and a small amount of vertical height. The implants are placed through a small incision underneath the chin under local anesthesia.


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